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The wordKeramika has special meaning to Israeli born artist Tali Cohen-Flantz.


In her first language Hebrew,Keramika means ‘ceramic’, which during the past seven years has been Tali’s preferred artistic medium.To connect her Israeli culture and heritagewith her contemporary artistic practice in Australia as a ceramicist, Tali recently named her studioKeramika Ceramics.


Tali’s handmade ceramics are simple and elegant in their form and colour. The palette she uses isborrowed from the natural surroundsof her local environment in and around the coastal town of Byron Bay in northern New South Wales where her works have been exhibited and sold in the region’s leading galleries. Her pieces feature the muted hues of the sandycoast and the bleached objects she finds thereas well as the deep, earthen colours of the volcanic soil and the ancient rainforeststhat dominate the nearby costal hinterland. The markings featured in her works areinfluenced by nature too; such as running rivers and leafy textures. Tali is also fascinated with the way nature affects man made materials and the influences of iron and rust can often be seen in her creations.


Tali’s creative process begins with making visual notes in her mind based onher natural environment,found objects, and the combinations of colours, shapes and compositions that surround her. Back in the studio she prepares sketches and drawings inspired by these visual notes. She begins to consider the type of clay, the glazes and the techniques she will use to bring her design ideas into creation.


Tali’s passion for the visual arts began in high school when she visited the Louvre in Paris as a 16 year old. After immigrating to Australia she studied a Certificate IV in Fundamental Design at Kingscliff TAFE followed by a Diploma in Visual Arts majoring in print making and sculpture at Murwillumbah TAFE. As part of her visual art studies Tali was exposed to working with clay as a medium and she was drawn to the endless possibilities that it’s tactile form, its connection to the earth and its rich history evoked. She decided to continue exploring the possibilities and completed a Diploma in Ceramics at Lismore TAFE.


Tali’s passion for ceramic making is based on giving life and function to raw clay sourced from the earth by using her hands to create offunctional and pleasurable objects like our ancestors didthousands of years ago.


“Today, we live in a modern world that values a busy and fast lifestyle,” says Tali.


“The tactile process of ceramic making offers me an opportunity to slow down and observe life and my surrounds.  It’s about taking time to enjoy special moments – like spending time in nature or sharing a meal with family and friends – while embracing the artistic practice of the handmade.



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